Comfort and style in the heart of Venice

Live in Venice feeling comfortable, like being Home.

ideal for a family holiday, with friends, or for a couple in the splendid city of Venice.

Choose to live this unique experience like a real Venetian!

7 Luxury Lofts in the city center:

  • four of them near Rialto Bridge (have you ever tried to overcross Rialto Bridge by night? It’ll be unforgettable!).
  • Three in Cannaregio area, where you can really breathe the Venetian atmosphere.

Excellent Costumer Care, ahead and during your stay.

Very cozy apartments.

Travel tips to discover the hidden beauties of Venice and the daylife habits.

La Perla Grigia

La Malvasia

La Bissa

La Perla di Rialto

Gemma Rosa e Gemma Argento

La Gemma Rossa

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